Green Chili Cheese Dutch Oven Chicken

One of our family’s favorite outdoor meals is Dutch Oven Chicken.  It has been since I was really young. I remember my grandparents putting a big dutch oven chock full of poultry on an open fire, which turned out kind of like fried chicken!

No charcoal back then, it was all natural wood!

Dutch Oven Chicken Ingredients

Between the chicken and Dutch Oven Potatoes, we came away stuffed.  Those were some of my best memories I have camping with my family.

I continued cooking dutch oven chicken in my younger years as a river guide in southern Utah. We cooked chicken cordon bleu or teriyaki chicken 1-2 times/week out along the water’s edge.

Beautiful red rock scenery at sunsets while cleaning the dutch ovens is what I remember most.

Cooking Dutch Oven Chicken Now

And we still cook A LOT of dutch oven chicken with our own family.  Growing up, my kids also learned to love the chicken/potato combo and really looked forward to those meals while camping.

Our horizons have expanded when it comes to recipes though, and we’ve tried many more than just the standard “dredging and butter”.  We love southwestern food, so this recipe is a hit with the chilies.

Dutch Oven Cooking in Alaska

Now in Alaska, we spend a lot of time just cooking in the back yard. We’ve got our portable pit that we can move in and out of the weather, so it’s simple to put a dutch oven on to cook, even through the winter.

The nice thing about dutch oven cooking at home is if you do get rained out, just pop it in the oven!  Most recipes can go both ways.

I hope you will give this a try.  The cheesy, crusty goodness, mixed with the flavors of chilies and green onions meld perfectly with the hint of lemon in the sauce…heavenly.  Enjoy!

Dutch Oven Chicken Delicious

Dutch Oven Chicken Recipe


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