To Die For Easy Guacamole Recipe

Here in Alaska, many of us shop at Costco or Sam’s Club to stock up on bulk items.  The only problem is, sometimes it’s hard to use all the fresh produce before it goes bad.  Case in point, avocados.  They all ripen at the same time!  What better way to use them up than with an easy Guacamole recipe.

It’s delicious on homemade tortilla chips, salads, sandwiches, Mexican dishes and toast.  And, it’s the perfect accompaniment for the fresh fish we’re now catching.  A lot of the white fish, like halibut and cod, we turn into some amazing fish tacos topped with a tomatillo ranch and Guac.  One might say we are “guacaholics”.

But, I’m definitely picky about my guacamole.  Nothing worse than tasteless, gooey mush!

Guacamole ingredients

It’s not that guacamole is difficult to make…in fact, it’s very easy.  But I still hear comments like, “It’s bland” or “Avocados have no flavor”.  The answer to adding flavor is twofold.

Number one, not enough complimentary ingredients.  Avocados do have a creamy mouthfeel due to their high fat content, so breaking up the smooth texture with fresh veggies and herbs immediately improves the “crunch” while adding flavor.

Number two, not enough seasoning.  Salt and pepper accentuate the ingredients and relieves the natural blandness. Lime juice helps to slow oxidation/browning while also providing an acidic punch balancing the dish.

Below is our favorite easy guacamole recipe we learned while in Mexico at the Cozumel Palace.  It hits all the right notes.  Give it a try next time you have an abundance of ripe avocados.

Easy Guacamole Recipe

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