Key Lime Pie: An Alaskan Classic

So, before Conchs in Key West start emailing me nasty threats.  OF COURSE Key Lime Pie is not native to Alaska!  Do you know how well a lime tree would grow here?

I will say however, that Key Lime Pie is in short supply in The Last Frontier.  There are many desperate people just craving that delicious sweet and tangy treat.  Jeff makes a mean pie and uses a recipe that we found, of course, in Key West.

It’s requested by the masses at his office and mine.  For potlucks, no need to sign up:  Jeff and Janet, you’ll just bring the Key Lime Pie.

If they only knew how truly simple it is to make, no one would suffer from tropical taste withdrawals!
(Ok, I may be missing Hawaii a bit…throwback to Kona Sunsets.)

Tropical Dreams-Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

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