Thanksgiving Recipes: Whipped Yams

Thanksgiving:  Warm Family Traditions

Thanksgiving to me means love, family, food and wonderful memories.

Over the years as myself, sister Karen, and brothers Russell and Dennis, have moved away from home and raised our own families, there is one thing we can count on every other year when it is my family’s turn to get together for Thanksgiving:  an epic gathering of grandparents, siblings and cousins to celebrate our love for each other and gratitude for our blessings.

For many years (since the family has gotten so big) my parents have rented large “cabins” up in Heber Valley, Utah where we have all joined for a weekend of eating, outdoor fun, and football.  It’s organized chaos, but oh how we cherish these times together!

We all have our beloved Thanksgiving recipes we contribute to the feast.  One of my favorites is Karen’s recipe for Whipped Yams.  If it wasn’t for pecan pie, I would literally skip dessert and just eat the whipped yams!  And leftovers?  Oh yeah, clear the way because these are mine!

Respect the Yam!

Yams and sweet potatoes are somewhat maligned holiday foods.  They are the ‘fruitcake’ of Thanksgiving.  You have to serve them  just to have something to make fun of because your Dad is the only one that will eat them.  It’s tradition!

Not any more!  With this yummy dish, whipped yams take their rightful place as one of the stars of the feast! It’s perfectly sweet to balance the savory flavors so prevalent in the main course.

Thanks Sis, for this wonderful holiday recipe I now make every year.  Try it!  And let me know how you liked it.


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