Every recipe has a story, every flavor carries a memory.  Foods we enjoy are inspired by the ingredients around us, places we live, and a lifestyle that moves us.  In the mountains, enjoying life is simple:  Live life fully, Love your Family, Get Outdoors and Eat Good Food.  And that’s what Mountain Kitchen is all about.

Hi and welcome!  

Fresh Baked Alaska SalmonThanks for stopping by.  I’m Janet, and this little website is my internet home where I LOVE to share rustic recipes & cooking methods, plus a little fun from our life here in amazing Alaska.  

Alaska is an amazing place to live!  From mountains to the sea, the diversity of food, scenery, wildlife and opportunities for outdoor living are staggering!

Plus, the local ingredients are legendary: rich fresh caught Salmon, sweet succulent King Crab, tart juicy blueberries, years-old sourdough starts, abundant wild game, and fresh forage-able vegetation just to name a few.

Sound delicious?  It is!  And we’ll help you bring these flavors home with lip smacking, easy to use recipes for indoors and outdoors; as well as tips and tricks for rustic cooking on the grill, smoker, cast iron, slow cooker and open fire.  And, for those who love exploring, check back often to discover Alaska’s outdoor treasures, unique culture and villages, along with favorite restaurants and fun places to camp and stay.

In short, grab some firewood, bring your Dutch oven, skis, and fishing pole, snag a warm cup of cocoa and make yourself at home.  Oh, and don’t forget that can of bear spray!

A little about us…

Dutch Oven Cooking in Winter, Fresh Baked AlaskaMy husband Jeff and I along with 3 of our 5 children live in Palmer Alaska.  Besides being a wife, mother, and registered dietitian for over 25 years, I’m also an ex river guide, ski instructor, and scuba enthusiast.  Jeff is a closet gourmet who loves to hunt, fish, ski, and snow-machine.  We’ve cooked and camped our way through the western USA, Hawaii, Canada, the Caribbean and Alaska.  You have to eat right?  So we learned to cook with equipment, and ingredients common to the region we’re in.

I started blogging as a way to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as a journal for my kids from their Mom.  Selfishly, I do include favorite family recipes mainly so I always know where they are and don’t have to go searching for them!  And, I may occasionally go on a little mid-life crisis rant (trust me, the struggle is real), plus throw in a little humor.  With five kids, sometimes you just have to laugh.

Put your feet up and stay awhile…

I hope you enjoy ‘Mountain Kitchen’ and find inspiration to try these recipes and cooking methods while learning more about the outdoors, fun places to visit and life in amazing Alaska.

For more info check out FAQs, Last Frontier Favorites, or head on over to the Grub.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, rants or raves and to share your recipes and adventures with me.  I love hearing from my readers!

Hope to see you again soon…