Green Chili Cheese Dutch Oven Chicken

Indoors or outdoors, this is a delicious spin on a Dutch Oven classic.



For the Chicken:

For the Sauce:


For the Chicken:

  1. For outdoors, lite up your coals ~ 35-38 (10-12 on bottom, 24-26 on top) about 20 minutes before use; or Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Grease Dutch Oven with butter and place a thin layer of ritz crumbs in bottom.
  3. Season chicken breasts top and bottom with salt and pepper.
  4. Whisk together egg yolk and milk in shallow pan.
  5. Dip chicken in egg mixture, then dredge in flour, and back in egg mixture.
  6. Coat breast with cheese on top and bottom. (Or place thin cheese layer on over ritz crackers in bottom of Dutch Oven and on top of chicken.)  Then arrange chicken in bottom of Dutch Oven.
  7. Cover chicken with ritz crumbs and add green chiles and mushrooms.  (You can also get creative and add green onions, olives, capers, or whatever you prefer!)
  8. Bake for 30 minutes using method of choice above.

Prep the Sauce:

  1. While chicken is baking, melt butter.
  2. Add cream of chicken soup, milk, sour cream and lemon juice.
  3. Mix together and heat thoroughly.
  4. When baking is complete, serve chicken breasts from Dutch Oven, top with sauce and enjoy!